Monday, October 17, 2011


The only way to feel accomplished, or like you achieved something, is to set goals and expectations for yourself. I don't feel that you should set anything so high that it is too hard to reach. I set myself little goals every single week, whether it be with money, work, or something around the house. I have let my down a little on school this semester already. I think that I have missed entirely too much class already and it's mostly due to my work schedule. On Thursdays I work till 2 a.m. and sometimes later so when Friday morning comes I am notorious for pushing the snooze button one too many times. I am setting goals now to make it through a full week of all my classes. I expect to get at least high B's in all my classes if not A's and it needs to start by going to all of my classes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Passing the bar..

Some people can pass a bar on the side of the road and not even think about stopping or glance in it's direction, while other people have to stop at it or their day is incomplete. I work at a bar where we have more regulars than new people coming in. Some people that come in every single day, by every day I mean first and last name basis, drink multiple drinks all the time. So many drinks sometimes that your surprised they made it when they come in the next day. The bar is the only place where you don't have to act proper and while working you can pretty much say and do what you feel. If someone is being rude then you can give it right back to them. I think that it helps to be a girl, working at a sports bar, for sure. There are times where I hate my job but honestly the regulars who don't pass the bar, along with the people I work with, make my job worthwhile.

seasons **

When I was younger I thought that my favorite season was summer. I loved to be hot, be outside, and swim all the time. I didn't mind walking from the car to the house and being drenched in sweat. Now my favorite season is definitely fall. I love the leaves changing colors and being able to be outside comfortably. I enjoy being outside during this time of the year. My least favorite season is winter. I do not like being cold at all and having to be 10x as careful driving as I normally would, is not fun to me. I just really wish that it could be 78 to 83 degrees all day every year and it's looking like Kansas City is not my place.

To go to class... or not

So talking to other people about school has come to make me realize that I am not going to enjoy going to every class I take in college. I have a class this semester which I can't stand. We never get anything accomplished and that class is very unorganized structurally. We have no grades in the class because we don't do homework and haven't had to take any tests. It is annoying to me because I don't know what is going to be on the test or final. When we are in class the subject is not even talked about. We spend more time talking about my teachers disorder then talking about what the class is. I'm frustrated and really wish that I would have dropped that class when I could get my money back, I hate it that much.

Puppies in apartments?!?

Lately my boyfriend and I have been arguing on the issue of getting a puppy or not. He thinks that we should get a puppy and I am very against it. I think that it's selfish to get a puppy when you live in an apartment. We live on the third floor of an apartment and I am not going to be walking a puppy up and down every thirty minutes when it has to use the bathroom. I think that it is crazy to have a big breed, which is what kind of puppy we would get, in a little apartment when they should be able to run and play outside. I just know that I would be the one stuck taking care of this puppy and I want nothing to do with it. I have no kids and really only want to worry about taking care of myself.


Why is it, when a new t.v. show airs with something that hasn't been on television, 50 more shows of the same type soon follow. I feel that there really will never be one show of its kind because other networks want to have shows of the same kind. Look at American Idol, for example, now there is X factor. Cake Boss was soon followed with a ton of other cake shows soon after it. A huge new show is Pawn Stars and sure enough other pawn shows showed up. I just think that there can and won't be any originality on t.v. because everyone just wants to have as many ratings as possible.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Just thinking about money today and how it rules everything we do. People say that money doesn't buy happiness but I think that it can. It can not be fun to be broke and have no money. You can't do anything, buy anything, or pay your bills. I feel like a money miser because I can never get enough and am pinching every penny. I feel that I shouldn't be this way at 21 but I feel that I can work hard now and play later. I don't like that everything in this world revolves around money but you can't get around that. Until they start handing out free rides in life it looks like I'm stuck working for a very long time.